Yamato Nishiki Colour Enhancer

Yamato Nishiki is a highly nutritious floating food made from only natural ingredients, its specialiy compiled to enhance yours Koi’s colour.

Colour Enhance – Astaxanthin makes the red redder and vitamin C makes the white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. Yamato Nishiki is formulated from high quality astaxanthin.

High Digestibility – Yamato Nishiki food is made from premium ingredients which make it easier for koi to digest. The pellet keeps its shape for a longer time in the water, and therefore the nutrients are not lost or water quality reduced.

Yamato Nishiki koi Food Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein: Min. 34%, Crude fat: Min. 7%, Crude fiber: Max. 3%, Crude ash: Max 10%, Moisture: Max 10%

Yamato Nishiki koi Food Ingredients: Fish Meal, Cuttlefish Meal, Wheat Flour, Corn, Bean Oil Cake, Sodium phosphate, vitamins, minerals, and astaxanthin.