Blood Sampling

Technology has moved ahead fast over the past few years. In addition to the virology testing, we use blood sampling to test the normal physiological functions of the fish and its general wellbeing.

We now use intravenous Blood Sampling for:

  1. Viral detection (antibodies) – Elisa test
  2. Bacterial pathogen identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing – (Allows you to identify internal bacterial infections where transport swabs only collect surface evidence)
  3. Blood parasite identification
  4. Red & White blood cell count (Red cells – transports Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide around the fishes body – White cells – Produces protective antibodies to protect the Koi).
  5. Anaemia – (Red blood cell deficiency)
  6. Functioning of internal organs such as the liver & kidneys.
    • – Assessment of reduced organ function or failure
    • – Helps to assess the choice of antibiotics.
  7. Toxicity – (detection of metal and other toxins)
  8. Nutritional problems – (vitamin deficiencies)

Blood SamplingWe have been undertaking blood sampling for many years now and have built up extensive records of technique and protocols. Intravenous blood sampling should not be carried out by the hobbyist but only by those with professional experience. Factors such as needle size, volume of blood removed, and the positioning of the needle are critical if you are not to injure your fish or cause unnecessary suffering.Please call us for further details if you require any assistance.