Welcome to Healthy Koi

We are a leading Koi Health specialist, undertaking pond-side visits and advise on Koi health matters in the UK and Overseas. We feel the only effective way to diagnose and successfully treat sick koi is from the pond-side.

We bring you a wealth of experience in disease diagnostics (blood sampling & KHV testing) and treatments for the hobbyist and commercial environments. In addition to the health work, we provide services in fish transport, health training courses, filter design & installation.

Help with Koi Health

We offer a full range of dry goods, including specialist koi health products which we use in the field. Including a variety of Hanna water testing meters, the most popular choice is the new Hanna Hi-83203 (C203). Medications & treatments, from Kusuri, Lincs Fish Health & IO-SAL. High End Koi food from Ea, Kusuri, Saki-Hikari, Hikari and Medicarp. Filters including Cetus & Ultrasieve, Nexus Eazy range, the popular Econobead and Sansai Trickle Shower filters.

Services we offer

We hope that the information and Koi health advice on this site will help you with any problem you may have. Should you need any further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01243 698 284. The pond is never too small.