Regular Health checks and Reviews

Part of our work includes undertaking regular health checks on your pond. These can be undertaken just annually, or more regularly with two or three visits per year.

Pond Side ReviewsWhen we visit we will assess the environmental conditions of the pond and the surrounding infrastructure. We will also check that your filtration and other ancillary equipment are in good working order and not over stretched. Most importantly, we will check the health of the fish themselves. We will raise several Koi for clinical examination and undertake mucus biopsies to ensure they are in good health and free from parasitic invasion.

Depending upon environmental conditions and any products you have previously used in the water, we will undertake a variety of water parameter and toxicity tests. We will include a bio dip using twin agar plates were we assess the bacterial and fungal count in the pond water. The examination may be extended depending upon the behaviour of the Koi and any contra- indications noted as the work proceedes. After all of these checks have been completed we follow up with any recommendations that are necessary to maintain you Koi’s health.

We recommend a seasonal Health Check package where we will visit your pond in Spring, Summer and Autumn. This ensures that your Koi are in good health throughout the seasonal changes and detects early potential health problems. Please call us for further details.