Fish and Habitat Condition Surveys

The scope of our services includes fish and habitat condition surveys. Our work includes reporting on the condition of existing stocking; water quality, salinity, aquatic and marginal planting, predators, co-habiting livestock and equipment. We are often commissioned in cases of mortality to determine, report and undertake remedy.

Recommendations can be made for stocking of ponds and lakes depending upon use for either Ornamental or Sporting purposes.

The addition of nitrifying bacteria will help to starve out the algae preventing algae blooms. Both feed on the same nutrients. If the system does not have a biofilter, a place should be provided for the bacteria to grow, such as rocks, plants, filter media.

Plant coverage, as well as reducing toxicity through harbouring nitrification bacteria also competes with algae for the nutrients. Water lilies will shade the surface of the pond. Submerged plants and floating plants (Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth) absorb nutrients directly from the water with their roots.

Should you require any assistance in this area, then give us a call.