Koi Treatments

Bacterial Treatments

95% of the bacterial problems we encounter are as a result of Opportunist bacteria (those that live in your pond) and not a Primary Bacteria carried in through an external source.

The opportunist bacteria usually live in equilibrium with your fish in your pond environment until the ‘scales’ are tipped by Poor water Quality, Parasites, Stress or Organic Content.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient space on this site to deal with the diagnosis, identification and treatment of bacterial problems. In cases of the opportunist bacteria, you will need to find out why the problem has been occurred and then remedy. If there is a need to treat the infection, it is best to take a blood sample and undertake a sensitivity test to ensure that the correct antibiotic is being used. With complex pathogens, it is sometimes necessary to use twin antibiotics.

If you are having difficulties with the analysis or treatment, then please contact us.

Topical Treatments

If during your routine observations you see any damage to the body or fins or the start of any ulceration, lesions, raised scales etc., resulting from mechanical impact, bacterial or parasitic action, these should be dealt with as soon as possible. Should remedy not be undertaken at an early stage, there is a likelihood of the damage site increasing in severity leading to extensive tissue damage and possible systemic infection and septicemia. This can disable the vital organs leading to finally, the loss of your Koi.

Details of our approach to Topical Treatments which is outlined in our Health & Welfare guide – Section 11 of our Koi Health Book.