Unfortunately you may at some point experience fish disease or mortality. It is important that a proper diagnosis is carried out and a structured approach is undertaken to nurture your Koi back to good health and safeguard the others in the pond. If you ‘guess’ an incorrect solution and, say, medicate the pond for parasites when it’s a water toxicity problem, the likelihood is that the fish will deteriorate further and mortality occur.

We can help you find the root cause and most importantly ensue that any problems that may affect the Koi in your pond are dealt with as soon as possible. Non- evasive testing through the use of blood samples as outline above can provide you with a wealth of information to allow us to provide a correct professional approach to treatment. Should mortality occur, it is best to send a moribund (dying) fish for post mortem as a large part of the histology can be lost a few hours after death. The results for pathology input, especially if there is a need to germinate a culture, takes about one week.