JPD Medicarp Koi Food

Medicarp contains “Alphamune” this includes seaweed, Lactoferrin, ß-glucan and Torua yeast cell wall which is an immunostimulant. This speeds up the natural response time of the koi’s immune system which means they will be able to fight off disease and pathogens quickly and efficiently.  This food is perfect for when you are moving fish, or taking them to a koi show.
Medicarp can be fed all year round and is a great supplement to the other foods in the range. This particular food contains vegetable plankton (Hemanthoccous), this is a naturally found colour enhancer which promotes vivid colours and snow white skin. This food can be fed throughout the year.

Analysis: Protein 37.0% / Fat 4.0% / Fiber 3.00% / Ash 10.00%