JPD Medicarp Colour Koi Food

JPD Medicarp Colour is a food which is used purely for colour enhancing, it can be fed by itself as a regular diet, or mixed in with another type of food. It is low in Protein, but high in Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E. The low protein levels enable the koi to maximise it’s utilisation of the Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E. Although the food is not designed to make the koi grow, the Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E help to improve the colours on the koi. Vitamin C & E together boosts the immune system, which in turn fights disease. Vitamin C & E together also increases the metabolism of your fish. This food is perfect for preparing your koi before entering koi shows.

Analysis: Protein 36.0% / Fat 7.0% / Fiber 2.1% / Ash 8.4% / Phosphate 1.2% / Calcium 1.4% / Sodium 0.2% / Vitamin E 200 mg/kg / Vitamin C 300 mg/kg