JPD Shori Koi Food

In the Summer months JPD’s Shori Koi Food should be the first choice. This food has the highest protein level in the range, 45% made up of high quality white fish meal, krill and shrimp. It is also enriched with Vitamin C and E, which promotes spectacular white skin and excellent body conformation. The specially formulated probiotics help to reduce waste, and improve the intestinal tract of the koi, allowing the koi to maximise their protein uptake.

High Growth

All ingredients in this food are selected carefully with dietician studies and JPD technology.  This food is formulated with high quality fish and plant protein which  makes a good digestibility for koi. It should be noted that this food is high protein (45%) but also low ash (8.5%). The ash is digested  slowly. This is because high protein fish meal is used.

Colour Enhance

Astaxanthin makes redder and vitamin C makes white whiter.  These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is enriched with astaxanthin.

Reduces The Waste

This food is formulated with probiotics which reduces the waste in the water and helps to regulate the functions of the intestines. And this food doesn’t affect the water quality as much as other foods, because the pellets keep shape for a long time in the water.


Protein 45%
Fat 8%
Fiber 2.5%
Ash 8.5%
Phosphate 1%
Calcium 1.5%
Sodium 0.4%
Astaxanthin 16mg/Kg


A 25,000 IU/Kg
D3 2800 IU/Kg
E 200 mg/Kg
C (stable) 300 mg/Kg