Viresco Koi

Viresco Koi is a natural product that was introduced in April. 2000. The product was developed from Viresco Aqua which was originally formulated for use on commercial fish farms to improve the growth and health of the fish. As a bonus, it turned out to suppress algae as well!

Viresco Koi contains 100% of a microbial mixture that removes nitrate and reduces phosphate. These nutrients are the main food source for algae. Once the nitrate drops to zero, the algae dies of starvation. The nitrate level will remain at zero, usually for many weeks and, for some, many months. We, like many of our customers, have been using this product with a great deal of success for many years now.

Viresco Koi is designed to be used to control blanketweed in clean koi ponds. These ponds usually have bottom drains and the pond keeper uses vacuums and skimmers. Therefore little organic detritus is present.

Amount treated by single dose
Our price
Viresco Koi         5 grams
3,000 gallons
Viresco Koi       10 grams
6,000 gallons
Viresco Koi       25 grams
15,000 gallons