Kockney Koi Pond Medic Green Go Blanketweed Controller

Green Go quickly kills blanketweed and inhibits new growth. It is made from high quality natural, synergetic ingredients that will not harm your fish or pond life. The elimination of blanket weed will improve the circulation of the water through your pump and filter thereby improving your overall water quality.

It is recommended to remove Lilies or any other ornamental plants in the treatment process.

GreenGo comes with a convenient measuring cap and is relatively simple to use.

Recommended Dosage

Use a bucket or suitable container mix 40ml of Greengo for every 500 litres of pond water with water taken from your pond. It is important to make sure you are dosing for the correct amount of water in your pond. Once the powder has fully dissolved sprinkle evenly over the pond surface (a water can is ideal.) The pond water may appear slightly milky. This is normal and will quickly clear. For the best results, repeat the recommended dosage every four weeks during the sunny months.

Available in an 800g tub.