Kockney Koi Water Wurzel

Water Wurzel barley straw pods are made from the finest natural barley straw. They are safe to use in all outdoor ponds and aquatic water features and are a simple but very effective method of controlling algae, blanket weed and green water problems.

Water Wurzel barley straw pods take a bout 2-3 weeks to become active and will work effectively for about four months. For continuous protection add a new pod approximately one month before replacing the existing pod.

Water Wurzel barley straw pods use dust extracted, chopped straw to give a greater surface area and to encourage a rapid growth of the micro-organisms that help keep the water clear.

Water Wurzel barley straw pods have an internal cork float to ensure the Water Wurzel is kept closer to the pond surface where oxygen saturation levels are higher. Fixing the pods near moving water such as water features and fountains will also improve efficiency.

Key Features

  • Chopped straw for greater surface area and effect
  • Harmless to pets
  • Helps clear algae and blanket weed
  • Internal float
  • Natural ingredients
  • Great value
  • Environmentally friendly

Each pod in this value pack will treat approximately 4000 litres (900 gallons).

We recommend using Kockney Koi Water Wurzels in smaller garden ponds.