Viresco Aqua

Viresco Aqua is a natural product and totally Biological that was introduced in autumn 1997. The product was originally formulated for use on commercial fish farms to improve the growth and health of the fish. As a bonus, it turned out to suppress algae as well!  Viresco Aqua is harmless for Fish and Plants.

Viresco Aqua is a 50:50 mix of two groups of microbial based products (Viresco Koi & Viresco Digester). One group contains microbes that reduce the nutrients – particularly nitrate and phosphate – on which algae live. The algae – as algae bloom (pea soup algae or green water) or blanketweed (string algae or curly weed) – once the nitrate drops to zero then die of starvation.  The nitrate level  will remain at zero, usually for many weeks and, for some, many months.  The other portion of the mixture contains microbes that digest organic waste on the bottoms and sides of ponds as well as in the filters.   We, like many of our customers, have been using this product with a great deal of success for many years now.

Viresco Aqua should be used for ponds that have no bottom drains (pump fed systems), aquatic plants and are not vacuumed frequently.

Amount treated by single dose
Our price
Viresco Aqua 5g
3,000 gallons
Viresco Aqua 10g
6,000 gallons
Viresco Aqua 25g
15,000 gallons

For blanketweed and green water problems, consider Viresco Koi instead.