Pyser XEC – 10 Series Binocular Microscope (MIC09)

All used microscopes have been fully serviced by one of UK’s most highly skilled company in this field before being offered for sale.

Key features are:

  • Magnification: 40X, 100X & 400X
  • Eyepieces: 2 x 10X Wide Field
  • Turret objectives: 4X, 10X & 40X Spring loaded
  • Fitted with a Mechanical Stage, vernier controls in x-y direction
  • 45° inclined rotatable binocular head with adjustable interpupil distance (from 55 to 75mm)
  • Quad turret with 3 objectives
  • Coarse and fine focusing
  • Abbe condenser with iris luminous field diaphragm
  • Die cast aluminum body
  • Halogen 12v light source (Built In)
  • New Price £320 plus mechanical stage fitted


This is a very good microscope which has been kept in excellent condition and has been recently serviced. It comes with an          adjustable binocular head, which some may find less straining on the eyes to use. With a magnification range of 40X to 400X its          more than suitable for the fishkeeper. However, an extra turret objective can be added and the eyepieces are changeable allowing          the magnification to be substantially increased if needed to be for other uses.

Pyser XEC – 10 Series Binocular Microscope (MIC 09)