BIOLAM Binocular Microscope (MIC14)

All used microscopes have been fully serviced by one of UK’s most highly skilled company in this field before being offered for sale.

Key features are:

  • Magnification: 90X, 400X & 900X
  • Eyepieces: 2 x 10X
  • Turret objectives: 9X, 40X Spring loaded & 90X Oil immersion and Spring loaded
  • Fitted with a Mechanical stage, vernier controls in x-y direction
  • 45° inclined rotatable binocular head with adjustable interpupil distance (from 55 to 75mm)
  • Excellent Russian lenses
  • Quad turret with 3 objectives
  • Coarse and fine focusing
  • Tungsten light source
  • Wooden Case (Optional)
BIOLAM Binocular Microscope (MICs 14)