Oase Pond Pads

Oase Pond Pads provide an extremely effective bio-filter media featuring an innovative surface and pore structure. This high-performance Oase Pond Pads filter medium has been used in industry and wastewater technology and further-developed by Oase to be optimised for use in filter systems for koi ponds, swim ponds and garden ponds. Thanks to Oase Pond Pads extremely large surface area Oase Pond Pads can be used perfectly in a moving bed.

Oase Pond Pads used within a moving bed system provide a maintenance-free, self-cleaning filter medium. The Oase Pond Pads will achieve a neutral floating behaviour after approx. 6-10 week run-in time depending on water temperature and load.

Thanks to their large surface for the settlement of microorganisms (Approx. 5000m² per m³) Oase Pond Pads will remove ammonia, ammonium and nitrite via nitrification. 10L of media has the capacity to decompose approximately 200g of fish food in a 24 hour period.

Key Features

  • Highly effective bio-filter media
  • Perfect for moving bed filter systems
  • Can also be used in addition to existing moving bed filter media
  • Extremely large surface area for microorganisms (Approx. 5000m² per m³)
  • 10L of media breaks down approximately 200g of food in 24 hours.
  • Available in both 10 and 20 litre quantities.