Lithaqua Filter Media

Bacta-pur® LITHAQUA is a marine mineral some times referred to as coral however it is calcified seaweed! high in trace elements and carbonates. A superb filter media of porous construction.  Average particle size is 5 to 10mm. Modern filter chambers contain many varied plastic media, these provide good support but Lithaqua goes one stage further. Not only do the beneficial bacteria draw nutrients from the mineral support, the media has a massive surface area up to 20 times greater than most      plastic media. Lithaqua is a biological media not intended for mechanical stages. Use Lithaqua in a clean water chamber after mechanical removal of waste.

Bacta-pur® LITHAQUA can be used instead of crushed oyster shells; Lithaqua is highly suitable for use in trickle towers and can be also used to replace gravel in ponds, filters, aquarium tanks etc. The high level of carbonates will improve carbonate alkalinity in soft water regions neutralising low acid pH and buffer swings in pH. Lithaqua is available in 10kg boxes with a net sack provided, or in 25kg bulk sacks.  Use 5 to 10kg per 1000 gallons to restore neutral pH.