Oase Filtomatic CWS 7000

The Oase Filtomatic CWS is the smart pond manager! The filter not only cleans water, but also cleans itself. Thanks to its constant measuring of water temperature, the control unit automatically turns the integrated UVC clarifier on when required, thus enabling energy savings of up to 40%. The control unit also automatically activates the sludge pump, which transports the dirt out of the filter. It is almost invisible as up to 70% can be buried at the pond edge. The filter sponges are cleaned from the outside.

Filtomatic 7000 CWS

  • Intelligent control system adjusts the filtration capacity to the seasonal requirements of the pond.
  • Up to 40% power savings thanks to the UVC unit which has patented self cleaning that is activated as needed (also includes oxygen enrichment)
  • Includes OASE’s Clear Water Guarantee
  • This filter can be buried to 70% of the device height.
  • Cleaning effort is reduced thanks to the automatic sludge discharge of the filter.
  • Convenient cleaning of the filter foams.
  • Long service life and high quality filter sponges
  • Less string algae through continuous removal of phosphates and nutrients
  • Interval cleaning, UVC and pump function can also be controlled manually.
  • Determination of the specific requirement of the bulb thanks to UVC operating hours meter.
  • Easy installation, low maintenance and user friendly.
  • Requires flexible 1 ½” hose pipe.
  • Filtomatic 7000 CWS Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) – 380 x 380 x 520
  • Max Flow Rate – 4000 l/h

Suitable for

  • Wildlife ponds up to 7000 Litres.
  • Fish ponds up to 3500 Litres.
  • Koi ponds up to 2000 Litres.



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