Hailea CP-60 Air Pump

The Hailea CP series of air pumps are ideal for portable tanks and aquariums; they allow you to manually adjust the flow output to match its user requirements. The pump has the unique feature of using a battery pack for portability so that can run for up to 8 hours at a time. It also has integrated retractable handle for ease of maneuverability. Driven by high quality motor for higher air output. Air output can be adjusted.

This pump enables the user to adjust the flow of the pump so that it can match the environment/ application. It also has a LED indicator to show that the pump is in operation or requires a re-charge.

The CP series also has a retractable handle so that it can be easily moved into the correct position where the user sees fit.

With high pressure and variable flow the CP series is ideal for circulating nutrients and oxygenating water in aquatic systems. Its unique design makes its ideal for fish transportation due to its long life battery pack lasting for up to 8 hours.

Product Specifications

Max flow rate: 60 litres per minute

Pressure: 0.3 Bar

Connector: 8mm

Dimensions: 294 x 202 x 181mm



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