Hailea AC45 Piston Pump – 45 litres/ min

Hailea an inexpensive reliable piston pump with a large range of outputs suitable for many applications such as fish tanks, quarantine systems and ponds.

The case is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminium alloy with streamline design, making heat-dissipation more effective. The piston and cylinder are constructed using a new type of hard wearing material. This allows a low power consumption relative to the large air output and pressure achieved. The pump is supplied complete with 1.5m of cable, 3 pin plug and a six branch outlet manifold. The non-oil lubricatiing design means the air is oil free and pure. To help reduce noise, the air pump is mounted on anti-vibration rubber legs. Noise level which is dependant on size and loading is less than 60 d(B)A.

The air pump is supplied with a 6 way plastic manifold and connection tube. Please note that the plastic manifold does not have any valves for controlling the flow of air. Alternatively 6, 10 and 12 way metal manifolds are available, along with the rubber connectors to join these to the airpump.

The air pump listed below is 230 volts, 50Hz. 110 volt air pumps can be supplied on special order.- enquire for price.


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Pump Type: Hailea ACO 208
Flow: 45.0
Weight (kg): 1.2
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Power Consumption: 25W
Dimensions: 159x 90x 95mm