Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) – Health Status for England and Wales

Following a lengthy consultation exercise and evaluation of the possible benefits and likelihood of success, DEFRA has concluded that an eradication programme will not be undertaken for KHV disease in England and Wales.

This means that Category V (infected) status will be assumed immediately for England and Wales. A thorough impact assessment concluded that this is the most pragmatic approach after considering the likelihood of success in trying to eradicate the disease. However, DEFRA will be keeping this decision under review.

The adoption of category V status will mean that there will be no changes to the control regime currently in place. Passive surveillance by DEFRA will continue, the disease will remain notifiable and existing control arrangements will stay in place when an outbreak is confirmed. Imports of susceptible species from countries outside the European Union and movements from other Member States will continue in line with the rules that currently apply. However, movements of susceptible species will not be possible from GB to areas of a higher health status in other Member States. The exception being those movements from compartments in GB (e.g. individual farms) which have gained KHV disease free status (category I).

Given that the weather has now got warmer and the likelihood of outbreaks of KHV in the ornamental sector is high, we urge everybody to apply the highest possible biosecurity when purchasing new fish or dealing with your existing stock. Should you require any assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.