Clarity Protein Skimmer

Healthy Koi have just increased their range of pond protein skimmers. We can now offer the superior Clarity protein Skimmer which can help to create optimum water quality conditions in your pound.

The Clarity Skimmers works on removing Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates and Phosphates – it also removes the dissolved organic compounds through foam fraction leaving the water sparkling clear. Within this process your pond water is also aerated. The beauty of the Clarity protein skimmer is that by removing phosphates and nitrates, it minimizes blanket weed blooms that all koi keepers experience and dread.

Clarity Protein SkimmerThe Clarity protein Skimmer is the preferred choice for removing the organic waste from water. High levels of DOC are undesirable in the water because it leads to less oxygen, more bacteria, algae and parasites. It also results in a build up of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, which has damaging effects on Koi.Many protein skimmers struggle to work effectively in freshwater. Salt water has a greater density which allows finer air bubbles to be created, The smaller the air bubbles, the larger surface area over a given volume of pondwater. This allows the Protein Skimmer or Foam Fractionator to be more effective in removing DOC.

The Clarity protein skimmer is based on an entirely different approach to form bubbles, and therefore does not have the limitations in fresh water associated with traditional protein skimmers. It’s a protein skimmer that works in fresh water and does not pressurize the water.

With glowing recommendations from many leading Koi keepers worldwide, this skimmer is a worthwhile addition to your pond. Visit our product page for further information.