Viresco Digester

VirescoTM Digester should be used when the organic waste in the pond is excessive and for dealing with specific problems, eg a      build up of organic matter in under gravel filters and also in sand filters where the microbes will remove the build up of fats and       protein on the surface of the sand particles.

Composition and Shelf Life

The products are all dry powders with unlimited shelf life. They are micro-organism based with the freeze dried      micro-organisms being carried on fine particles of bran. The remainder of the product consists of support materials which, when      added to water, dissolve to provide a food source for the microbes as they come back to life.

Application Procedures

It is recommended that the Viresco™ products are dissolved in a small amount of pondwater, left for a few hours and then       bulked up with more pondwater before being added direct to the water in different places around the pond. Ideally the powder should       be mixed in the morning, left with an airstone and introduced into the pond in the evening. Intermittent use of an egg whisk can be       made if an airstone is not available.

It is important to keep the mixture in a shaded place indoors. This is because the UV radiation from daylight could damage some of the bacteria in our products.

Amount treated by single dose
Our price
Viresco Digester 5g
3,000 gallons
Viresco Digester 10g
6,000 gallons
Viresco Digester 25g
15,000 gallons