Kusuri Super C Special

Kusuri Super C Special Filter Cleanser increases hygiene and breaks down organic waste accumulation in filter and pond systems.

Super C Special is a special blend of active enzymes & minerals with no chemical additives, and has been formulated to break down harmful organic matter into inorganic waste that can be flushed or purged from the filter system. Thus allowing more beneficial bacteria to populate the biomass, helping reduce the pond pollutants Ammonia & Nitrite and keeps your filter system in a clean hygienic condition.

Super C Special is not intended to replace filter maintenance, but will reduce the severity and the frequency of the cleaning the filters and chambers.

Super C Special is also beneficial when applied directly to the pond, the enzymes will contribute to reducing organic waste material therefore reducing the biological oxygen demand on the pond. Super C Special complements Kusuri Klay and our Eco Pure products, they are all non-invasive chemical free products.