Tetra Pond Koi Sticks

Tetra Pond Koi Sticks are a balanced, high quality food designed for koi fish. The complete food contains everything needed for successful growth, health, vitality and development in your pet koi fish, plus it is expertly blended by Tetra who are proud to boast a leading reputation in high quality fish food products. The 1500g bucket of food sticks for koi will help support balanced nutrition and a healthy immune systems, among many other physical benefits.

Tetra Pond Koi Sticks contain a unique recipe that is both easy to digest by koi fish, and friendly on your pond water – resulting in less water pollution and improved water quality. The nutritious meal is high in protein and contains a colour enhancer known as Carotenoids which brings out the beautiful vibrant orange, red and yellow tones of your fish for enhanced viewing pleasure. Added vitamins help to boost the immune system in fish, enhancing overall health.

These innovative koi sticks from Tetra are specifically formulated to enhance easy digestion so that they in turn, produce very little waste. The sticks soften easily in water allowing them to be quickly consumed and the food also comes in a re-sealable bucket to protect against moisture, heat and light damage.

For the best results, it is advised by Tetra that Koi Sticks are fed 2-3 times a day and fed only as much as can be consumed within a few minutes.

Store in a cool dry place.

10 L – 1500g