TMC Pro Clear Ultima

TMC Pro Clear Ultima UVC (30w & 55w)

The Ultima model have been introduced to replace highly successful and popular Pro Clear Advantage and Ultra models.

TMC Pro Clear Ultima is designed to be attached horizontally to a vertical surface, using the brackets provided, and the rotating, removable hosetails allow the unit to be connected to flexible (38mm & 40mm hose) or rigid pipework in any direction..

TMC Pro Clear Ultima UV Clarifiers are totally weatherproof and the new design improves water shedding. The blue clear ends allow easy checking to see if the tube is working.

The hosetails can be swivelled to the direction of your pipework and can be horizontal or vertically positioned.

Easy access to working parts makes maintenance easy and quick.

Pond Size:
Ultima 30w: 3,000 gallons / 13,350 litres
Ultima 55w: 5,500 gallons /24,500 litres

Flow rates:
Ultima 30w: Max 3000 gallons / 13500 litres per hour
Ultima 55w: Max 4000 gallons / 18000 litres per hour

2 year Guarantee