Speck Badu Top

The Speck Badu series is produced in several models all single phase and single speed, and we are sure that there will be a model that will suit your requirements.

Genuinely the most powerful pond pump on the market.

The Speck Badu Top pump range are as with most Speck Badu pumps very reliable high performance units suitable for continuous operation in freshwater, marine systems and even some corrosive chemical applications. All parts that come in contact with the water are built from 316 stainless steel and/or composite plastic.


Consumption (Kilo Watts)

Rate (GPH)

Head (M)

Our Price

Badu Top 6

0.25 kw

2200 GPH

4.0 m


Badu Top 8

0.33 kw

2850 GPH

4.0 m


Badu Top 12

0.55 kw

3300 GPH

4.0 m


Badu Top 14

0.77 kw

3900 GPH

4.0 m


Badu Top 20

1.10 kw

5500 GPH

4.0 m


Badu Top 25

1.50 kw

6300 GPH

5.0 m