AquaMax Eco Expert

The new OASE AquaMax ECO Expert pump incorporates ultra energy efficient ECO Motor Technology to provide the lowest possible running costs,  Aquamax ECO Expert pumps are incredibly robust and designed to supply water to larger pond filters or can be used to create impressive waterfalls and streams.

The Expert Eco pump is designed to handle solid particles of up to 11mm such as fish and Koi waste, silt and detritus for passing to a suitable Pond Filter System and are capable of continuous underwater operation.

The all-new Expert Eco pumps are fitted with a SFC (Seasonal Flow Control) Function Switch, built neatly below the handle.  When set in the ‘on’ position, the SFC function will monitor the water temperature and reduce the impeller speed and water flow as the water temperature drops, saving an additional 30% in energy consumption.  The SFC function is ideal when the expert Eco pump is used in a pond filtration scenario, as less water flow is required through a filter at lower temperatures, thus saving the pond owner money and benefiting the environment.

The Pump is also supplied with patented frost protection, safeguarding the unit even at temperatures as low as -20C.  Furthermore, the pump features dry run and blocking protection through the EFC (Environmental Function Control), switching itself off to prevent damage if a dry run scenario arises.

For ultimate control, the new OASE Eco Controller can be connected via the DMX cable port at the rear of the pump, for cost effective digital control of the pump performance.

Key Features:

  • Robust and durable stainless steel housing for stability
  • Unique, patented frost protection: the pump will not be damaged at temperatures down to as low as -20° C
  • Protection against dry run and blocking through Environmental Function Control (EFC by OASE)
  • Can be set up underwater & dry installed
  • The pump is unusually quiet in operation; ideal for use in a pump chamber
  • Patented – Seasonal Flow Control for intelligent and environmentally-conscious regulation of flow rate and delivery head
  • Using optional accessories, when the SFC function is enabled, an extra 30% can be saved in energy.
  • Made in Germany: precise and reliable German engineering skills at a particularly high quality level
  • Excellent efficiency; outstanding handling of coarse debris of particles up to 11 mm in size

Please see the table below for product specifications.



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