Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers are the most economical and efficient way to heat your Koi pond. Linked to a boiler, the heat is transferred to the pool via the heat exchanger. Water goes through the Inlet Pipe and then circulates past an inner Stainless Steel Coil. The coil contains hot water from the boiler. The heat from the Hot Water in the inner coil never makes contact with the actual pond water but the heat generated from it is then transferred to the water flowing round it providing heat to your pond.

Manufactured from quality marine grade Type 316 stainless steel and each unit is guaranteed for a full 12 months from purchase date, subject to essential conditions are strictly followed during the installation and working life.

When treating your pond with medication or chemical treatments, this should take place as far downstream to the unit as possible. Where possible stop the flow through the exchanger until the chemical has dispersed in your pond.



Heat Exchanger BTU Flow Rate (GPH) Pond Size (gallons)
60,000 900 5,000
100,000 1440 7,500
130,000 1860 10,000
170,000 2460 15,000
230,000 3900 20,000