Oase ProfiClear Pump Chamber Compact/Classic

Oase Proficlear Premium Pump Chamber is a space saving system that can be integrated with the Classic or Compact systems.

The Chamber enables integration onto the advanced filter systems, by  giving designated space for up to two Aquamax Gravity Eco Pumps and Bitron Gravity UVCs.


Product Features:

  • For integration in the ProfiClear Premium Compact and ProfiClear Classic gravity-fed systems
  • Reduction of pressure losses
  • Safe and standard conformant set-up at swim ponds
  • Easy maintenance and winter care
  • Protection against excessive silt
  • Debris that accumulates in the sediment tank is flushed out via the bottom drain
  • Enables space-saving and energy-efficient integration of up to two AquaMax Eco Gravity and Bitron Gravity units
  • Maximum flexibility in the connection through DN 110 and 2″ container outlets
  • Lower installation height also enables gravity-fed systems where space is limited
  • Inexpensive alternative for smaller ponds, particularly koi ponds
  • Available in the pump-fed principle and in the gravity-fed principle
  • New pump chamber for combination with Bitron Gravity UVC clarifier. Also compatible with ProfiClear Classic modules
  • Use with the Moving Bed System for optimal water movement and cleaning of the water
  • Hel-X 13 filter medium with significantly enlarged surface area for effective decomposition of nutrients and pollutants
  • Can be buried to create a discrete filtration set up

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 830x665x820
  • Guarantee: 2 + 1 Years
  • Max. flow rate: 25000 l/h
  • Installation height above water: 10.5cm
  • Number of outlets:3
  • Number of inlets:2


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