Spawning Brush 2.6m x 14cm

Spawning is made easier with the help of these spawning brushes. The breeding season is weather dependent but is normally from      April to July.

Place the brushes just below the water level, one above the other, at the edge of the pond. This will encourage the fish to spawn,      which usually happens in the early hours of the morning, having been preceded by an evening of flurried activity in the pond.      The spawning takes several hours, during which most of the eggs will stick to the brushes. It is best to put the brushes in filtered      water of the same temperature as before, and the fry will hatch in 3-6 days.

The small fish should be kept separate until they are large enough to be introduced to the pond. After the spawning, it is a good     idea to separate the brushes from the brood fish, otherwise the eggs will be eaten.