Oase BioKick Premium (4 x 20ml)

Oase Biokick Premium is a highly concentrated liquid treatment of autotrophic bacteria strains and enzymes for the reduction of harmful ammonia and nitrite in over burdened ponds and filter systems. BioKick Premium contains natural ammonium oxidising bacteria and nitrite oxidising bacteria, with an activity of more than 50 billion/ml when filled. A long shelf, without cooling has been achieved through the innovative culturing in medical glass ampoules. BioKick Premium is ideal for overstocked ponds and will fully mature a filter system to achieve maximum performance within only a few days.

Oase Biokick Premium Application: Shake before use. At filter start and season start, add the contents of one ampoule for every 10,000 litres of pond water. Repeat the application after 2 days. Switch off the UVC device for at least 24 hours. Overdosing is harmless and increases the performance. One -time re-dosing (1 ampoule per 10,000 litres) is recommended after medication treatment and filter cleaning.