Hanna Waterproof ORP & Temperature Tester (HI 98120)

This meter is a pocket sized waterproof ORP/Redox meter which can display the ORP reading together with the temperature of the solution being measured.

The main features of the product are a dual level LCD display, replaceable ORP electrode, waterproof and floating instrument case and battery level indication at start-up.

This new microprocessor-driven tester provides the most advanced solution in ORP measurement:

  • replenishable junction
  • dual-level LCD
  • battery life percentage indication
  • stability indicator
  • floating and waterproof body

This tester is factory calibrated and measurements are highly accurate.

The ORP electrode is provided with a pull-out cloth junction and is easily replaced by the user. The encapsulated stainless steel temperature sensor exhibits a fast response as a result of its external location.

All these features ensure a long life to these Hanna Instruments pocket meters.

The ORP/Redox meter is supplied complete with protective cap, electrode removal tool, batteries and instructions.

Range: -1000 to +1000mV ORP and -5.0 to +60.0C
Resolution: 1mV ORP and 0.1C
Accuracy: +/-2mV and +/-0.5C
Auto Off: After 8 minutes of non use the meter swtiches off to maximise battery life
Calibration: Supplied factory calibrated
Temperature compensation: None
Power supply: Supplied complete with 4 x 1.5volt batteries giving 250 hours continuous use
Dimensions: 163 x 40 x 26mm
Weight: 100 grams
Probe: (included)