Hanna HI-97708 Nitrite High Range Meter

Hanna HI-97708 Nitrite High Range Meter

HI-97708 is an advanced portable photometer for the measurement of High Range Nitrite in water. This meter offers a superior optical system that utilises a reference detector and narrow band interference filters for extremely fast and repeatable measurements.

The HI-97708 has an innovative optical system that offers superior performance in accuracy, repeatability, and the short amount of time it takes to perform a measurement. This compact, waterproof meter is extremely user friendly with a tutorial mode that walks the user graphically, step by step, in performing a measurement. The use of a backlit dot matrix LED allows the use of virtual keys which makes the operation of the meter very intuitive including selecting different methods, reviewing GLP data, recalling the last 50 measurements, and customising the meter to user preferences.

HI-97708 is waterproof including the cuvette holder that is designed with ridges to protect the optical path from getting scratched by the cuvette and a protected battery compartment that holds three AA batteries. The compact design fits comfortably in the hand for use in the field or on a table for benchtop use. The LCD is 71 mm (2.75″) by 37 mm (1.6″) and is backlit for easy viewing under all conditions.

Key Features of the Hanna HI-97708 Nitrite High Range Meter

  • Measures High Range Nitrite – 0-150 mg/L (as NO2-)
  • No warm up time before taking a measurement.
  • Tutorial mode for step-by-step instructions.
  • Displays results in multiple chemical forms.
  • Fully water resistant
  • CAL Check feature allows performance verification and calibration (CAL Check standards not included).

Supplied with

  • 2 Cuvettes & Caps
  • 2 Plastic inserts for cuvettes
  • 3 1.5V AA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Instrument Quality Certificate

Reagents not included.


Range 0 to 150 mg/L (as NO2-)
Resolution 1 mg/L
Accuracy @25°C ±4 mg/L ±4% of reading at 25 °C
Light Source Light emitting diode
Light Detector Silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter @ 575 nm
Power Supply 1.5V AA battery (3 pcs.)
Auto-off After 15 minutes of inactivity (30 minutes after a READ measurement)
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); relative humidity: 100% (IP 67, floating case)
Dimensions 142.5 x 102.5 x 50.5 mm
Weight 380g with batteries
Method Adaptation of the Ferrous Sulphate Method
Reagents HI-93708-01 Reagent for 100 tests

Reagents: HI-93708-01 Reagent for 100 tests