Hanna replacement pH Electrode – HI 1286

pare pH electrode for use with HI-981402 meters.

Product Specification Summary

Range: 0 to 13 pH and can be used in solutions ranging in temperature between 0 and 80C
Reference Junction: Double Ag/AgCl
Junction Type: Teflon
Electrolyte: Polymer
Maximum Pressure: 3 bar
Tip Shape: Spherical 7.5mm diameter
Temperature Sensor: No
Amplified Electrode: No
Electrode Body Material: Ultem
Cable Length and Type: 2m long coaxial cable
Type of Connector: BNC
For use with: HI-981402 meters
Suggested or Recommended Use: Agriculture, general purpose, water treatment

Please note that continuous meters, will need their probes cleaned regularly to make sure that they don’t get fouled up, its best to clean them at least once a month (minimum) for half an hour in Hanna HI-7061 General Purpose cleaning solution. To clean them we sell a cleaning solution that you pop the probe in and leave. It might seem like a pain, but the more often you clean your probe, the longer the life expectancy and the more accurate readings you get. Probe life can vary six months with no cleaning, up to one to two years if they are cleaned and maintained regularly.