Hanna pH/TDS/Temp Monitor (Displayed Individually) – HI 981504

Simply install the HI-981504 above the sample to be tested, plug the instrument in and immerse the probes. pH, TDS and temperature measurements will be simultaneously displayed on three backlit LCDs.

Users can easily select the unit of temperature mode (deg.C or deg.F) through a switch on the back panel.

The HI-981504/5-02 uses a 0.5 TDS factor.

For the full product specification please see the attached instruction manual.

Each meter is supplied with:

Please note that continuous meters, will need their probes cleaned regularly to make sure that they don’t get fouled up, its best to clean them at least once a month (minimum) for half an hour in Hanna HI-7061 General Purpose cleaning solution. To clean them we sell a cleaning solution that you pop the probe in and leave. It might seem like a pain, but the more often you clean your probe, the longer the life expectancy and the more accurate readings you get. Probe life can vary six months with no cleaning, up to one to two years if they are cleaned and maintained regularly.


Product Specification Summary

Calibration: pH: Manual 2 points through trimmers; TDS: Manual 1 point through trimmer
Temperature compensation: Automatic, 5 to 50C for TDS readings only
Power supply: 12VDc power adapter (included)
Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 35mm
Weight: 560g
Probe: HI-7634 TDS probe (fixed); Temperature probe (fixed)
Electrode: HI-1286 pH probe (included)