Hanna pH & TDS Monitor (Displayed Individually) – HI 981404N

HI 981404N is both ideal for agricultural, hydroponics and pond applications where pH and TDS levels need to be continuously monitored. HI 981404N continuously monitor and display the pH and TDS values of a solution on an easy to read set of dual LCD’s.

The HI 1286 gel filled pH electrode is designed with the BNC connector protected behind a waterproof sheath and when exhausted is replaceable. The unique design of the electrode guarantees greater resistance to clogging in fertilizer solutions with high concentrations of phosphate, nitrate, etc. TDS measurements are performed using the 4-4-2 conversion factor of 0.7 so you do not need to convert the readings. It is equipped with a grounding bar to ensure more accurate pH measurements and longer electrode life.

HI 981404N are compact and easy to install and use. This makes them ideal for all continuous monitoring applications.

Each meter is supplied with:

  • HI 1286 pH electrode
  • HI 7634 TDS probe probe (fixed)
  • HI 1283 grounding bar
  • pH (HI 70004 & HI 70007) and TDS calibration solutions (20 mL each)
  • Screwdriver, 12 Vdc power adapter & instructions

Please note that continuous meters, will need their probes cleaned regularly to make sure that they don’t get fouled up, its best to clean them at least once a month (minimum) for half an hour in Hanna HI-7061 General Purpose cleaning solution. To clean them we sell a cleaning solution that you pop the probe in and leave. It might seem like a pain, but the more often you clean your probe, the longer the life expectancy and the more accurate readings you get. Probe life can vary six months with no cleaning, up to one to two years if they are cleaned and maintained regularly.

Product Specification Summary

Range 0.0 to 14.0 pH; 0 to 1990 ppm (mg/L)
Resolution 0.1 pH; 10 ppm (mg/L)
Accuracy ±0.2 pH; ±2% F.S.
Calibration manual, 1 or 2 points (pH);
manual, 1 point (TDS)
Temperature Compensation automatic, 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F) – TDS only
EC/TDS Conversion Factor 0.7 ppm = 1 µS/cm
Probe HI 7634 (TDS probe), HI 1286 (pH electrode)
and HI 1283 (matching pin) – All included
Input Impedance 1012 Ohm
Power Supply 12 Vdc power adapter (included)
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
Dimensions 160 x 110 x 35 mm (6.3 x 4.3 x 1.4″)
Weight 300 g (10.6 oz.)