The Hi-Blow Range

Why Choose Hi-Blow?

They are “Durable”, “No Lubrication Necessary”, “High Efficiency”, “Compact and Powerful”, “Low Noise”, “Smooth Air Flow” and “Simple Maintenance”.

The Hi-Blow air pumps are the original high performance Koi air pumps. They have been used on ponds and filtration systems for many years. Renowned for efficient, quiet and environmentally sound operation the Hi Blow range also boasts a long life, low power consumption, low vibration, and low starting current.

Hi-Blow Japanese Air Pumps are ideal for delivering large volumes of air under pressure. These popular pumps are designed to drive multiple air stones at depth in your pond or filter chamber.

Note: It is advisable to fit one way valves to your air pipes, especially if the unit is to be placed below the level of the surface of the pond water, as this will prevent any water from siphoning back and damaging the pump


Hi- Blow 20  (20 litres/min)
Hi- Blow 40  (40 litres/min)
Hi- Blow 80  (80 litres/min)
Hi- Blow 100  (100 litres/min)
Hi- Blow 200  (200 litres/min)
Diaphragm Set for Hi- Blow 40
Diaphragm Set for Hi- Blow 80