Fuyufuji All Weather Koi Food

Fuyufuji Koi Food is one of the most advanced koi foods available.  The benefit of Fuyufuji koi food will become clear within the first 10 days of feeding.  When Fuyufuji koi food is feed over longer periods,the colours of your koi become more vibrant and overall health of your koi will improve.

Fuyufuji – All Weather Koi Food has been developed and formulated with a high quality wheat germ which creates high digestiblity for koi.

Fuyufuji all weather koi food can be fed At low temperatures unlike normal koi foods which may lead to a lack of appetite or indigestion but Fuyufuji has been s all weather koi food has been specially fortified so that it can be used at low temperatures and still be highy digestible.
Vitamin C is used in fuyufuji to reduce stress levels and therefore redice the chances of disease.

Fuyufuji Koi food contains a vegetable plankton ( Hematococcus ) which gives your Koi  a very distinctive colour and the white will become whiter.

Fuyufuji Koi food also contains Medicarp’s premium lactoferrin and Hemathococcus agents to stimulate the immune response and stop disease before it starts.

Fuyufuji pellets hold there shape well, so the quality of the water is not compromised.

Analysis: Protein 36.0% / Fat 7.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 7.1% / Phosphate 0.9% / Calcium 1.3% / Sodium 0.3%

Available in three sizes 2 kgs, 5 kgs and 10 kgs bags