Oase Bitron Eco UV Clarifier

The Oase Bitron Eco UVC range has been designed for even the most demanding of ponds. These high volume UV Clarifiers produce highly concentrated UV output to prevent and kill suspended green water algae and harmful bacteria whilst also providing maximum energy efficiency thanks to their automatic control unit. The control panel shows the status of the UV bulb as well as the water temperature and allows the UV output to be changed at the touch of a button depending on your requirements.

Product features:

  • High intensity treatment of suspended algae, turbidity and harmful bacteria in pond water.
  • Innovative UVC bulb technology with 50% longer service life (12,000 hours) – developed in cooperation with Philips.
  • High volume UVC housing with a new design and organic shape for a particularly long water retention time.
  • Eco control system enables maximum energy efficiency with savings potential up to 50%
  • Intelligent bypass regulation automatically adapts the flow rate to the pump capacity in the filter system.
  • Clever UVC function monitor, display for bulb change and water temperature.
  • Simple connection to other 2″ filter systems.
  • 100% VDE-certified safety;does not cause eye injuries.
  • Automatic cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz glass tube by the water flow and prevents debris from settling.
  • 5m cable length
  • 2+1 year guarantee.

Replacement Bulbs