Oase Bitron C UV Clarifier

Oase provides innovative UVC technology in the form of the Bitron C UV Clarifier range; designed to consistently ensure crystal clear water clarity and healthy water for your pond. The Bitron C eliminates suspended algae and greatly reduces the number of pathogens and bacteria in the pond Eco-system.

Product features:

  • Elimination of suspended algae (green water)
  • Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen levels
  • Bypass technology enables optimal irradiation of the polluted water, even at high flow through rates.
  • Throttle handle for optimal adaptation to the connected filter pump.
  • Inspection window to check the UV bulb is functioning properly.
  • 100% VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries
  • Quick release technology for easy bulb replacement
  • High-quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing
  • Automatic cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz glass tube by the water flow and stops debris from settling.
  • Includes high quality UVC bulb.
  • 5m cable length
  • 2 Year guarantee.

Replacement Bulbs