Saki-Hikari R Balance Diet 15kg

Introducing the new Saki Hikari R Balance 15 kg. The R extract developed by Hikari contains the Hikari Germ which works to strengthen the immune system!

The new revolutionary food Saki Hikari R Balance contains the so-called R extract, useful bacteria from various fermented yeasts. The R-extract enhances the effect of the Hikari Germ probiotic bacteria in the intestines. This makes your fish better protected against pathogens.

Saki Hikari R Balance promotes overall health, recovery capacity and also slows down the ageing process.

Saki Hikari R Balance is not a medicated food, but it strengthens disease resistance and provides a faster recovery.

Saki Hikari R is particularly useful when Koi are under stress of threat of illness, for example, before transporting the Koi or showing Koi. To prevent the benefits of the R extract from being reduced, we recommend that at least 50% of the given feed consists of Saki Hikari R (Mix it only with a Saki Hikari feed).

Saki Hikari R Balance Medium Pellet – 15kg Sack – £190.00