Saki Hikari Pure White 5kg (M)

Saki Hikari Pure White contains uniquely blended ingredients to help your Koi develop that deep, translucent white you’ve only dreamed of.

Key Features

  • Developed to help develop a snow white Shiroji (white area of the koi). Includes carefully selected ingredients and avoids using those that can cause yellowing over time.
  • Contains a traditional Japanese health food, extract of “pickled Japanese apricot”, which naturally contains Apricot-Polyphenol and higher levels of Citric Acid which help support efficient metabolism in Koi, an important step in developing desirable Shiroji.
  • Milled Sesame Seed contains desirable antioxidants which can improve gloss and luster.
  • This highly digestible formula allows feeding at lower water temperatures making it ideal for use during the winter show season.
  • Contains Hikari Germ which is a spore form of a beneficial, live (viable) naturally occurring micro-organism (probiotic) which awakens once in the intestine of the Koi. Its inclusion, along with the uniquely balanced nutrient mix offers your Koi their best chance to develop their championship potential.


  • To maintain the optimum Shiroji, we recommend using Saki-Hikari Pure White exclusively. The use of other diets with this product, especially color enhancing foods, will significantly reduce the noticeable impact.
  • Above 18ºC(64ºF) Feed Saki-Hikari Pure White two to four times daily based on the activity level of your koi.
  • Between 12ºC(54ºF) and 18ºC(64ºF) Feed Saki-Hikari Pure White two times daily based on the activity level of your koi.
  • For best results, try to feed during the warmest part of the day.
  • Between 5ºC(41ºF) and 12ºC(54ºF) Carefully regulate the amount fed based on the activity level of your koi and your pond conditions.
  • Extreme care should be taken to avoid over-feeding in this temperature range.
  • Below 5ºC(41ºF) Stop all feeding.