Dai Suki Staple 3 & 6mm Pellet

Similar to the ‘Gold’, this food has been developed to promote the growth and colour of your Koi during the intermediate temperature range of your pond water and increase the immune system.

Dai Suki Staple is a complete balanced diet with very little waste. It may be used on its own, or mixed with Sai Suki ‘Gold’ or ‘All Seasons’ (Wheatgerm). It contains all a Koi’s daily requirements in protein (38%), fibre (4%), oil (8%), and ash (10%), It also contains extra and vital vitamins A E, C, K, D1 & D3. and minerals Calcium phosphate, Betaine, Sodium Propionate, Glucan, Ethoxyquin and permitted Antioxidants. It is available from us in two great sizes which most KOI will love 3mm and 6mm.

This food is best used as a mid- range feed between 12 deg.C. to 18 deg.C. Below 12 deg.C., it is best to use ‘All Seasons’ wheatgerm diet. Although there is no ‘top-end’ temperature for feeding a ‘Staple’ diet, at the higher range, a higher protein food can be beneficial in promoting the growth and development of your Koi. All Seaons is available in 3mm and 6mm pellet sizes.

Please note not all sizes are kept in stock and may take a few extra days for us to deliver.