Dai Suki Gold 4mm, 6mm & 8mm Pellet

Dai Suki Gold food has been extensively researched and developed to promote the growth and colour of your Koi and increase the immune system.

Dai Suki Gold is a high protein, quality growth food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for Koi during the summer period, when there are higher water temperatures. The Koi should be fed small amounts often, instead of one large amount, as this aids the digestion of the Koi and helps with in water stability. It is best to only feed as much as can be consumed in a few minutes. As with all high protein growth foods, the water quality needs to be monitored closely i.e. Ammonia, Nitrite, and pH. For best results this food should be fed with water temperatures in excess of 18 deg.C. The addition of Montmorillonite clay will aid in better digestion of food and well being of the fish.

Dai Suki Gold is a quality Koi food. It contains all a Koi’s daily requirements in protein (45%), spirulina (12%), fibre (2.8%), oil (5%), and ash (4.5%),. It also contains extra and vital vitamins A, E, C, K, B1, B2, B6 and B12. and minerals Calcium, potassium, sodium and chloride. It is available from us in three great sizes which most KOI will love 4mm, 6mm & 8mm – the larger sizes are ideal for hand feeding!

The 2kg and 5kg sizes are supplied in buckets and the 10kg & 20kg are supplied in white sacks.
Please note not all sizes are kept in stock and may take a few extra days for us to deliver.