Dai Suki All Seasons 3mm & 6mm Pellet

This is a high quality wheat-germ food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for KOI during the spring, when KOI are starting to feed after their over wintering period. It can also be fed throughout the whole year.

This food should be fed sparingly to start with and as the filters start to mature, their feed should be increased as the water temperature rises. As with all KOI, reduce feeds below 10deg.C. It is not advisable to feed regularly below 8°c / 47°f in ponds as the Koi’s metabolism slows down. The exception is on warm sunny days when the Koi are ‘calling’ for food. Here, you can feed sparingly, early in the day, down to a minimum of 5 deg.C. Do not feed below this temperature as the Koi will have difficulty in digesting the food. As a result, the food will start to rot in the Koi’s digestive tract and this will result in major problems and mortality.

At temperatures above 10°c/ 50°f, feed your usual portions (sufficient for the Koi to consume the food in 2-4 minutes) and you can carry on with this feed even during high summer if required. However, higher protein feeds such as ‘Staple’ or ‘Gold’ are more suitable as this is the Koi’s growing period. As the water temperature cools during the autumn period, Koi should be slowly introduced back onto this wheatgerm food, and fed regularly for as long as possible while the water temperature is 8c and above.

All Seaons is available in 3mm and 6mm pellet sizes.
The 2kg and 5kg sizes are supplied in buckets and the 10kg & 20kg are supplied in white sacks.
Please note not all sizes are kept in stock and may take a few extra days for us to deliver.