Elecro Nano 3kW Pond Heater (Analogue)

The Elecro Nano Heater is manufactured from top quality components and materials.

The construction of the Elecro Nano Heater consists of a flow tube which is fitted with Inlet and Outlet mouldings manufactured from specially formulated polymer alloy material. The outlet moulding accommodates a reversible flow switch with a gold tipped reed, and Titanium fulcrum pin.

The Elecro Nano Heater is supported on two feet, this permits either vertical wall or floor mounting. The heater control components are positioned on the top face of the casing. Screw fit adapters are supplied to allow connection to standard above ground pool flexible pipe work. The water inlet and outlet fittings can facilitate connection to either metric or imperial standard pipe.

The inlet moulding has been designed to ensure full immersion of the elements, greatly reducing the risks of air locking.

Elecro Nano 3kW Heater Features

  • Robust, durable construction
  • Easy Installation
  • Titanium or Incoloy 825 heating element
  • 316 Stainless Steel flow tube
  • Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation as low as 1m³/hour
  • Control thermostat 0-40°C (1°C differential)
  • Safety thermal cut our 60°C (manual reset)
  • Supplied with hose tails for connections to 1¼” or 1½” flexible pipe
  • ideal Heat Pump Top Up / Back Up Heater
  • 3-kW Power Output
  • Complete With Power Lead
  • Analogue Control Thermostat
  • Reversible Flow Switch

Elecro Nano Heater 3kW Heater Technical Specifications

  • Minimum Flow Requirement: 1m³ (1,000-litres) per hour
  • Maximum Flow Velocity: 17m³ (17,000-litres) per hour
  • Heating Element: Incoloy 825 (Yellow Enclosure) or Titanium (White Enclosure)
  • Flow Tube: BS 316 Stainless Steel
  • Control Thermostat: 0ºC > 40ºC (1.0ºC Differential)
  • Safety Thermal cut-out: 55ºC (Manual reset)
  • Flow Switch: Gold tipped reed switch with Titanium fulcrum pin
  • Wiring: High temperature, silicone sheathed, multi-strand copper conductors
  • Seals: High temperature special formula polymer
  • Working Pressure: 4 bar maximum
  • Water Connections: 1½” BSP female thread
  • Supplied Hosetails: For 1½” / 1¼” flexible pipe
  • Mounting: Floor or wall mountable

There are two different types of heater, one with an Incoloy 825 heating element (Yellow Enclosure) and one with a Titanium heating element (White Enclosure.)