Cloverleaf Fluidised Bed Type M70P

The M70P pressurised throughput FB unit will cater for heavy stocked ponds up to 7,000 gallons (31,500 litres), – with an ideal final operational flow rate of around 700gph. This unit is approx 1000mm high (40”) with a 110mm (4”) diameter core containing 6kg of silica sand, together with standard 38mm (1.5”) pipe manifolds including 2 No ball valves. The bottom valve is used to control flow and balancing, with the top valve offering the close down facility to act as a byepass to the FB. The M70P will support up to 100kg (220lb) of fish load.

The Cloverleaf Fluidised Bed Type M70P is well made – nicely finished and of course they work very well. They are easy to install and control and they have their own built in slide valve to enable you to set the desired flow rate.

If you need that additional biological filtration to enhance your own system without having to increase, or replace your existing filtration system then these Fluid Bed Filters are for you. However, please bear in mind that they are recommended to SUPPLEMENT your existing biological system.