Successful Water Gardening

A step-by-step guide to building a beautiful garden pond.

The last few years have seen the popularity of water gardening grow dramatically, due largely to the increased media coverage of gardening in general. Watching fish is undoubtedly very relaxing, as is the sight and sound of running water within the garden. Long gone are the days of a simple hole in the ground with a small fountain and a few goldfish. With the advent of efficient and affordable filtration, a pond can now be so much more, a truly eye-catching spectacle within any garden, large or small.

Throughout the course of this programme, we follow a team of professional pond builders as they convert a plain, disused area of lawn into the spectacular water garden you see here. Each part of the process is explained in an easy to understand way and no previous building knowledge is required.

This high quality, fully interactive DVD gives the viewer the chance to see how the professionals set about such a task. By approaching such a project thoughtfully and diligently, gathering as much material as possible, you stand a far greater chance of achieving an outstanding water feature that will transform and enhance your garden.